LocBox Consumer Landing Pages & Emails

While LocBox includes campaigns that aren't solely meant to generate revenue for our customers, revenue was definitely the main KPI most of our merchants cared about. However, the consumer-facing portion of our product was not optimized for conversion.

Our consumer facing emails and landing pages didn’t have the fit and finish necessary to be as successful as possible with a consumer audience. Facing the campaign volume increase that would come with Black Friday, my product manager and I prioritized testing new consumer designs.


Increase email and landing conversion rates by creating consumer facing campaigns that were easy to read and looked trsutworthy.


Ideation, Visual Design, Interaction Design


Brainstorming & Ideation

To begin, I analyzed our landing pages and emails in comparison to other local business marketing tools, like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Google's local deals to see what information we were missing

Refining Information

While overall our pages contained all of the information they needed, there were a few small pieces we were missing (and a few huge pieces we needed to ditch). For example, even though we work to maintain our customers' online reputations, our original designs didn't include any indication of Yelp or Google+ ratings, should the business owners desire. On the other hand, they had several "fake features" - like a fake cart countdown -  that created a noisy purchasing experience and decreased the overall trustworthiness of the experience.  

Refining Visual Design

Upon critically comparing the original landing page to similar products, I decided our best bet was in improving our typography and modernizing the overall style - like removing unnecessary gradients, lines, and shadows. 

Final Design

Based on a split A/B test, the new versions overall generated over 30% improvement on end-to-end conversion rates over previous landing pages across all purchasable campaigns. In the email, aside from cleaning up the visual style, a small, but significant change, was changing our CTA button text to “View Offer” from “Buy Now”, which felt too high pressure for many consumers.

For the landing page, I adjusted the layout and gave each sectional readable headers, so visitors could easily skim for the information they needed. Across the board, we made the text larger to increase readability.


While the lift we saw from this redesign was very gratifying, there's still a lot of work to be done to improve the campaign conversions. Of course, some of that can be accomplished with incremental changes, but it would also be incredibly beneficial for us to figure out how to help our customers create compelling campaigns.

If I could, these are some of the changes I would make in the future:

Campaign CTA buttons: While the re-design featured a pill button, it's not a style we're continued to use in the app or even across consumer pages. Ideally, I'd want to unify styles across all consumer-facing pages and replace pill with rectangle for cleaner aesthetic. It would also be great to test out a few options for how we present the purchase options and descriptions.

Checkout Flow: We’d like to improve information design - right now there's a disconnect between what's being purchased and actually paying. During our initial redesign, we only re-skinned the checkout flow, instead of changing its functionality or structure. By taking the steps of the accordion and/or surfacing an order summary, we’d hope for a drop in purchase abandonment.