Merchant Mental Model Project at Groupon

During my internship at Groupon, the Merchant Design research team undertook a huge effort to consolidate, validate, and socialize Merchant Research findings. This included interviews with merchants in the United States, Germany, and the UK. After supporting the US leg of the project, I was given the opportunity to go to Berlin and London to conduct interviews with international merchants to see how their duties, attitudes, struggles, and expectations aligned with American merchants. 

Merchant Profiles

From our research, we completed six merchant profiles to introduce to various teams across the company, including Sales, Engineering, Design, and Account Management. Our hope was to increase empathy for our merchants as a way to encourage product and service design that truly added value to our merchants interactions with Groupon.

Merchant personas socialilzation poster_Stacey.jpg
Merchant personas socialilzation poster_Janine.jpg
Merchant personas socialilzation poster_Richard.jpg
Merchant personas socialilzation poster_Lesleigh.jpg
Merchant personas socialilzation poster_Haley.jpg
Merchant personas socialilzation poster_Gordon.jpg

Merchant Mental Model

From our research, we also identified tasks completed by merchants in different phases of their business, as well as identifying the tasks which Groupon products were able to support.